Amazing Golf Secret Discovered by Injured Ex-Military Interrogator

You’ll HAMMER Your Next Drive 60 Yards Farther… Stunning Your Buddies and Pocketing their Cash”

Revealed Below: The Hidden Secret Scratch Golfers
are Using to Cream Their Competition on the Course

It works like magic to increase accuracy and distance off the tee, but almost nobody knows about it. But that is all about to change for you…

Dear Fellow Golfer,

If you love easy, simple and super-fast shortcuts for hitting the ball farther and lowering your scores… then this will be the most exciting letter you ever read.

Because you’re now just a small step away from being one of the precious few golfers allowed to finally learn the real secrets of the longest-driving, most consistent and most respected golfers alive.

Once you have this secret in your bag, everything on the golf course gets real easy, real FAST. You’ll be driving further, with less effort and so much accuracy, it will seem almost ridiculous.

Imagine seeing results like this within the next week:

Best of all it’s so easy to learn you can put it in place literally overnight. I know, it almost sounds like magic. But it’s not magic at all!

In fact, once you understand the secrets about to be revealed to you…you’ll be mad as hell this wasn’t taught to you during your VERY FIRST LESSON—saving you years of frustration out on the course. But, before I go any further, I need to tell you…

The true story of how I stumbled upon
what may be the biggest secret in golf…

My name is Kory Basaraba, and I’m the last guy who ever thought he’d be sitting here writing you a letter about how to improve your golf swing.

In my “day job” I’m a performance coach – I work with business executives and athletes who are “stuck” in their careers.

But when it comes to Golf, even though I loved to play,

I was a complete hacker…

My drives had some distance, but were all over the place.

I’d “lose” my swing half way through a round and spend the remaining holes slicing into the next fairway, my blood pressure building with each drive.

Many times I felt my cheeks burn red, unable to look my playing partners in the eye as I stomped in frustration, one hair-trigger away from throwing my clubs in the nearest water hazard –never to set foot on the short green grass again.

But those moments inevitably pass… I would take a few deep breaths and calm down, and my passion for this crazy game would grow even stronger.

Which is why I’m so excited to be sharing this with you.

Finally, an end to frustration on the course

Last season I made the decision to start taking the game seriously.

I loved those (very rare) moments when I hit a tee shot so pure and clean it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

But I was sick and tired of spending money on golf only to leave the course more frustrated and worked up than when I arrived. (plus, I was losing too many bets with my dad, it was embarrassing).

Then a one-in-a-million coincidence put me in touch with a man named Tracy Reed and my game changed literally overnight.

Immediately I started:

Driving farther (an extra 30-50 yards consistently)

Picking my landing zones (well, 60% of the time instead of 10%)

But most of all my consistency was amazing. (For me, anyway. I could play well for an entire round, and if I screwed up on a hole, it didn’t devastate me like before. I knew how to get right back on track).

(My dad was not amused by my sudden transformation as it was costing him an extra $20/week).

It all started during my very first phone conversation with Tracy when he claimed he could…

Cure my slice in 15 minutes… over the phone!

I was already working hard and spending money to improve my game.

Lessons, videos, new clubs. The works. The problem was, every golf pro had a different technique or tip and when I’d “fix” one thing, something else would get messed up.

I would think about my wrists “breaking” at the right moment, but something with my backswing would be wrong. My drives were inconsistent and my slice stuck with me like we were siamese twins joined at the hip.

My short game was a mess (I could putt ok, but a pitching wedge may as well have been a pitch fork for all the good it did me!)

So when Tracy started boasting about how easy it was to fix my swing, I was skeptical, even a little angry.

A part of me wanted to believe he could do what he claimed…

But I’d heard all the hype before. You can’t watch the golf channel without being bombarded by experts claiming they can have you driving like Tiger in 10 minutes.

I didn’t want to be disappointed by another golf “guru” claiming he had “the answer”.

Then two things blew me away and
convinced me Tracy was for real:

First: Tracy explained to me, over the phone, how to add 30-50 yards to my drive the next time I stepped up to the tee.

I listened carefully (remember, I WANTED this to work and I had nothing to lose). What he said seemed so simple, but it made sense to me.

And boy did it work!

My next drive – SLAM! 280 yards straight down the fairway (a HUGE drive for me!) Best of all the distance hung around, and the number of sliced shots each round dropped to maybe 10% (compared to 60-70% before his advice).

I almost had to pinch myself each time I stepped up to the tee in front of my buddies and ripped one miles down the short grass. It was all I could do to hide the huge smirk on my face as my partners mumbled “nice one”.

(Later in this letter I’ll share with you the exact setup routine Tracy gave me that day on the phone).

Second: he had proof to back up his claims.

He sent me a long list of un-solicited emails from golfers around the world who were having incredible (even astonishing) results by applying his unique swing instruction method.

Imagine getting results like these:

Up to 70 accurate yards added to drives literally overnight

Scores dropping by 5, 7, even 15 strokes in 2 DAYS

300 yard drives becoming “common”

Golfers suddenly hitting the fairway with robotic consistency

Young, old, beginners, advanced, anyone who actually did what Tracy said got better – FAST.

What’s amazing is these results were NOT from private lessons with Tracy.

Golfers were getting massive drives and more consistency simply from reading his written manual, Golf Swing Control.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve read lots of books on golf (including many great ones), and I never got results like this:

From Hacker to “Golf Pro” in 4 days

I wanted to pass on a GREAT story that happened to me today at the range.

I was going through my routine, hitting some good shots, and the person next to me was receiving an hour of instruction. He wasn’t getting anywhere, and to be real honest the instruction wasn’t very good.

His instructor outfitted him with some weird contraption and told him to swing it back because, “he had to build muscle memory.” When he did this, you could still SEE his balance way off.

Basically, the instructor was saying EVERYTHING that you don’t! It was sadly comical. The instruction was going nowhere.

You could tell the poor sap was frustrated (I know I’ve been there).

So his instruction finishes and he decides he’s going to hit another bucket to work on it all. He turns to me and says, “I see you hit the ball pretty well, do you notice anything?” (I promise this story is real) I say, suppressing laughter because a mere four days ago I was in the same boat as this guy, “Why don’t you try this…….”

To nobody’s surprise but this guy’s, he sends a beautiful 8-iron shot high in the air and straight. I then proceeded to tell him my story about how yours is the greatest golf instruction I’ve ever received and 4 days ago my shots were uglier than his and I gave him the web site address. Now he’s hitting some good looking golf shots.

Now here’s the kicker…he pulls out his wallet and offers ME $70 and says,

“I just paid that bastard in there $70 and he didn’t do a damn thing, so I might as well pay it to somebody that helped!”

I politely refused and told him to visit your site.

If going from a hack to a “golf instructor” in 4-days isn’t the best testimony to your instruction, then I don’t know what is!!!”

Thanks again!

There was clearly something special going on with this manual. It couldn’t be the same old worn-out instruction.

So after reading these letters, I called Tracy up and asked him how he managed to get…

Golfers hitting with more power and
accuracy… without ever watching them swing!

His answers surprised me.

I interviewed him for about 2 hours, and I finally got the full story of how he had:

…Spent 21 years single-mindedly analyzing and dissecting the psychology and body mechanics of the golf swing…

… Cheated death during the first gulf war and then applied the intense mental skills he learned during his time as a military interrogator to the game of golf

… Spent 3 years getting feedback from over 5,000 golfers around the world while he was researching and writing his manual

And how in the process of doing all this he…

Stumbled upon the missing link between the mind
and the body in golf that makes it EASY to start hitting
massive drives with less effort

Tracy’s discovery not only explains why most golf instruction and “tips” fail to produce lasting results (what they’re telling you to do is almost impossible to do consistently)…

…He cracked the code on how any golfer (it doesn’t matter if your knees creak when you setup to the ball, or if you’re a spring chicken with muscles to spare) can…

Quickly develop a consistent, repeatable
swing and unlock a hidden storehouse of
natural, devastating power

Tracy’s swing instruction is NOT about:

Your wrists (yes, there’s a right time for your wrists to break for maximum power, but it happens naturally if you do everything else right. Trying to “force” this to happen throws off the rest of your swing and ruins your consistency, especially under pressure)

Your hands (telling golfers to try and have “fast hands” is like telling a cheetah to have a “fast nose”. The speed and power comes from the feet and legs and using the body efficiently, not from artificially accelerating the hands)

Your hips (although Tracy does explain the simple and easy way to guarantee a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing, it’s not about sliding your hips or even turning your hips. Yet the results for golfers around the world when they apply Tracy’s “magic move” border on miraculous)

Your swing plane (this is a gimmick cooked up to sell more magazines. There are great golfers with one plane and two plane swings. You can drive yourself nuts trying to copy them. The real question is, what is YOUR natural swing?)

This is unlike anything being taught in the
golfing world today

After hearing Tracy’s story, I searched high and low to see if I could find other professionals talking about this.

I bought videos, went to online discussion boards, NOBODY mentions this in the same way Tracy did. Some were close, but nobody had the full package.

And it’s the details Tracy reveals that make all the difference.

The proof that this is unique is from the letters from golfers who have tried everything else but still couldn’t find a consistent drive.

Golfers who still suffer with their long-irons, or struggle with their short game, or are disgusted with every booming slice off the tee.

This is not a “me too” golf instruction system, but a completely new and revolutionary understanding of what REALLY causes power and consistency in your swing.

Tracy found after years of research that the only
way to consistently make a smooth, powerful,
natural swing is to tune in to the pressure at the
bottom of your FEET!

This is a secret all the great pro’s understand intuitively, but if you asked them, they couldn’t explain it to you.

But it makes TOTAL SENSE if you think about it.

After all, your feet are the only point of contact with the earth. Everything about your swing has to start with the feet.

Plus, any shift or movement of your body must be FELT in your feet (that’s how we can walk upright – our brain automatically reads what’s happening in the feet and adjusts our body to stay balanced)

When I say “feet” I’m not talking about “foot placement” here…

Tracy found that when you make a natural, balanced and powerful swing, there is a “pattern” of pressure you can feel in the bottom of your feet (Ben Hogan knew this, and wrote about it, but nobody really paid attention. They were looking for some secret in his “swing”)

There is also a “pattern” of pressure in your feet when you slice or hook.

Do you swing over the top? It shows up in your feet

Fire and fall back? In the feet.

And if you’re slamming drives 300 yards with the
power and accuracy of a laser-guided missile…

Your feet will tell the “story” of exactly how you did it.

Golfers who finally understand how to “read” the simple “pattern” of pressure and balance in the feet during a relaxed, golf shoes spikeless best natural swing have an instant advantage on the course.

They can eliminate their slices because they know what a slice “feels” like in their feet and can quickly correct it before the next shot.

And because it’s so easy to learn and apply this foot pressure “pattern”, you can literally start driving farther with a few minutes of instruction.

(Best of all its EASY to do. Tracy explains it in detail in the book and his new videos. My 13 year old son was able to learn it in about 15 minutes).

But this is only the beginning of what Tracy reveals
about how to make your swing more consistent,
relaxed and devastating on the course

At one point I wondered:

How is this guy able to help so many golfers quickly find their Natural swing (from simply reading a few pages in his book!) when millions of golfers are spending a fortune and taking years of lessons with mixed success.

Part of the answer lies in his military experience.

Tracy is a vetran of the first Gulf War and he was trained as a military interrogator (like Tiger’s dad). This intense training gave him a huge mental edge and a deep understanding of human psychology that he’s used to crack the mental side of golf.

The other part comes from Tracy’s “gift” — a genius
for solving technical problems

Tracy can fix anything — electrical or mechanical. Las Vegas casinos would regularly call him in to troubleshoot their video gambling machines – and he’d tell them what was wrong without even opening the cover (he could “see” a diagram in his head of the inside of the machine and knew where the problem was).

He can diagnose and solve mechanical problems in his mind by “visualizing” the inner workings of anything and pinpoint where the breakdown is. It’s almost spooky to watch!

So when you consider that Tracy has spent the last 21 years intensely studying the mechanics of the body and the way the mind affects your swing…

…focusing all of his unique abilities on “solving” this puzzle of how to make a consistent swing…

It’s easy to understand why Tracy has managed to “crack the code” and…

Simplify the golf swing and teach it
in a way that makes it easy for any golfer to get
fast, permanent results

Tracy’s unique system simplifies:

The setup routine

The backswing

The transition

and the downswing…

So you can start consistently playing the kind of golf you’ve always dreamed of.

Best of all, this is so EASY to learn, you’ll be amazed more people aren’t talking about this.

You’ll FEEL the difference in your
very first swing!

Tracy Reed is not a PGA Pro – he’s just a family guy and former military interrogator who loves golf.

He was on his way to Pro status when a back injury ruined any chance he had to play professionally. After years of physical therapy, he can now play one, maybe two rounds a week without the crippling pain.

But instead of letting this disaster beat him down, he focused his passion for the game into a quest to create a teaching method SO easy, so SIMPLE … yet so effective, that…

Golfers are getting better results from reading
this manual than from spending thousands
(sometimes tens of thousands) of dollars on
private lessons, gadgets and equipment

After reading letter after letter (after letter!) about how his techniques had dramatically transformed the swing of thousands of golfers all over the world just from reading his manual…

The burning question I had for Tracy was…

“Why don’t you have it on video?”

Tracy’s Golf Swing Control system was already creating incredible results as a written manual.

But I knew if he captured his unique swing training concept on video it would make it 100 times easier for golfers to take any area of their game – distance, accuracy, chipping, even putting – and…

Gets them to a whole new level of golf faster
than anything else out there

Lets face it, some things are just easier to learn by watching. Even the simple task of learning how to tie your shoe can be frustrating if you’re reading a descriptions from a book. But once someone shows you how it’s done, it’s easy.

Tracy said he had never found the right people to help him produce the videos, and up until now it had just been too expensive (He wanted to do it right, not put out some hack-job of a video).

I knew this was opportunity staring me in the face.

After a long, heartfelt conversation with Tracy I convinced him I was the right guy to help him make these videos.

We shook hands and I started a new company (along with my business partner Eric Ondrick) to film Tracy’s system, put it on DVD’s and publish and promote it around the world.

There was still one obstacle for us to overcome. Shooting the quality of video we wanted was incredibly expensive.

It took some fast talking, but we finally…

Begged and borrowed the $35,000 dollars
we would need to do this right

And it paid off. After 6 months of planning, I flew with my film crew to Jacksonville Florida and we were finally able to capture for the first time on video Tracy’s amazing golf swing techniques.

Golf Swing Control is now available on 2 DVD’s. Every move, technique and tactic was professionally video recorded and explained step by step. The DVD’s are broken into convenient chapters which makes it easy to practice the specific techniques you most want to learn.

Now every detail of this unique swing mastery
system is on screen

I’d watched too many “how to” videos that left out critical steps where you’d try to follow along but can’t match what the instructor is saying.

Tracy and I both agreed these DVD’s had to over-deliver on their ability to take any swing problem and show golfers how to fix it fast – without having to spend a fortune on private instruction.

Just watching Tracy while filming added a
new level to my game

Tracy had never been in front of a video camera before, so I “directed” him for 5 days by asking him questions and having him “answer” to the camera.

We did take after take, going through the various routines over and over.

Talk about pressure. We had tens of thousands of dollars already invested flying the video crew out to Jacksonville Florida…

If Tracy “froze” in front of the camera,
we were in trouble.

Fortunately, Tracy knows his stuff inside out and backwards, and his very best came through during the filming. Our camera guys (one of whom had never swing a club before) were asking him for tips and lessons between takes.

Six months later we have what I believe is…

The most complete and easy to follow system
for adding massive distance and
clockwork consistency to your game

I believe (and golfers we’ve shown this to feel the same way) that we’ve put together a video program that makes it easy for any golfer, at any level, to transform their game FAST and finally develop a pro-level swing.

Can Tracy’s Golf Swing Control really make this kind of difference in your game?

You bet it can! Just listen to what these golfers have to say:

“I’ve worked with Tracy for years and had nothing but success. His visualization techniques are the best I have ever seen, and his ground breaking Dynamic Balance routines are something that every golfer, whether beginner or professional should use.”

Gary Brewer II,
PGA Professional

50 Yards Farther

Hi Tracy,

I am hitting the ball off the tee 50 yards further than I ever have in my life and my irons are now 10-15 yards longer.

The funny part is that I am 63 and playing the longest golf of my life. I am now hitting my drives 280+ and in the fairway. My length is now allowing me to hit 9s and PWs rather than 5 or 6s.

Thanks for connecting to my brain,”
Christopher Heller
Barrington, IL

Handicap dropped 20 strokes…


I was looking for golf tips on the web and I noticed Golf Swing Control. I read every word of the introduction. I became very interested and went to the free newsletters and I was amazed at the free knowledge and instruction provided.

In just minutes I was in my backyard practicing what I had read. Several days later I went to the golf course and used what i had learned from the newsletters.

I went to the first tee, placed my self in dynamic balance and without effort ripped the ball down the middle of fairway with a slight draw. I repeated your instruction, and repeated a great swing.

I want to thank you very much for giving me back the chance to play golf again.

I am a prime example that your instruction can help anyone. Your information and instruction will be treated as gold.

Ron Brewer


15 Year Old Breaks 80 Under Tournament Pressure

“I’m 15 years old and golf every single day. Occasionally I would fire some rounds in the low 70s, but during tournaments I could never break 80.

I first read your information about a week ago and the first day I tried your setup routine I was hitting the ball awesome, consistently.

From that day I had 4 days to prepare for my tournament. All 4 days of practice I shot in the mid to low 70s. Then the real test came.

The first day of the tournament I played great. I hit 13 greens, missed only 2 fairways, and was averaging about 270 per drive.

My driving distance went up about 50 yards and I hit 8 more greens than my average. I shot a 77 missing 4 birdies inside ten feet, 3 3-putts, and 3 missed 3-footers. I could have easily shot under par.

The second day I putted a little better and struck the ball about the same. I shot a 74 missing 3 3-footers and won my tournament by 7 strokes. I had finally broke 80 in a tournament.

Thanks for helping me win a trophy and a $320 gift certificate to the pro shop!

Micah Pastula
Ft.Myers Florida

Visualization WORKED!

I don’t even know where to start. I sent off for your manual Monday night the 9th, got home Thursday from work and there it was.I started to read it when I went to bed that night and by midnight, I was out in the front yard swinging the club.

I got a phone call this morning at 8am (Sunday 15th) from one of the guys I play with. He said, “I have 2 tee times at 9:30 do you want to play?”

Well sure I did. I got to the course and the other guys asked what the bet was as we went to the first tee. Normally its $20 a man, winner takes all. I tried to get out of the bet as I’m working on my game, but all I got was a whole lot of boos, so I said ok, I’m in.

Well, from the first tee I never looked back. Your setup routine, along with the dynamic balance put me in a whole new zone. I was hitting my driver 260+ and picking the line I wanted every time. I hit one drive into the green side bunker, 337 yards, (a slight pull left) but the thing that stands out the most was the visualization.

I put the ball where I wanted it all day long. I was playing off a 19 handicap and one of the guys with me was playing off 7. Well, I shot a 78, and so did he. I creamed them all….no one else came close.

And the best thing of all is….. I’m only on page 56 of the manual and I still have the ball I started with on the first tee!

Thanks for letting me enjoy my game again,”
John McGeary,
Dallas, TX

One Paragraph Changed His Swing:


I have attended Mclean in NYC, Leadbetter in South Carolina, Gravity Golf in Florida, Golf Tek in Atlanta and Pennick in Austin and gone to that golf camp in Tampa that teaches you on their course for not one, but two weeks.

The point I am making is that I searched the entire golf instruction industry for the answer to the question that you gave me in a paragraph.

Until you, no one else could give me the simple movement solution you did and I obviously could not “find” it on my own….

You made something that has eluded me, and any instructor who has ever evaluated me, come together in an instant.

Mike Tammierillo
Denver, CO

(Simply applying what you learn in the first 30 minutes of the video can give you INSTANT access to more power).

We captured every aspect of how to use Tracy’s “Dynamic Balance” system to make a smooth, powerful, and totally natural swing. Everything from the setup to follow through is on these videos.

If you watched any of the video preview lessons on our website, you’ve seen only a small fraction of what’s on these DVD’s.

Imagine what will happen to your game
when you unleash the power of these secrets

Each DVD is packed with 45 minutes of detailed yet easy to follow instructions. Every question you could think to ask about how to fix your swing is covered, including:

While I’m on the topic of positioning yourself in front of the ball,

Here’s that sneak peek video of Tracy’s
famous setup routine:

It’s this balance system Tracy talks about in the video that makes ALL difference to your swing…

It’s something you can master in minutes, but oh, what an impact it will have on your game!

Ok, on with the show, here’s something almost everyone overlooks when setting up to swing:

Setup Routine – Part 2

If you read the letters on this page, you’ll see many of them talk about fast results just from this setup routine alone (results like 30-50 yards of new, accurate distance off the tee!).

In fact, you’ve just received enough information to start improving your consistency and power.

But there’s MUCH more available to you
on these DVDS, including…

How to EASILY find and maintain perfect balance through the swing (This secret eliminates power-robbing inefficiency from your swing, giving you instant access to brand new distance off the tee)

The 3-step positioning technique top golfers use to consistently “feel” their way to perfect positioning—if you get this one simple procedure, your game will transform overnight

The most detailed, step-by-step instruction possible on how to coil your back swing for maximum power. (The back swing is the 800 pound gorilla of golf. Get it under control and you’ll have power your friends will envy. However, if your back swing is off, you have no chance of ever achieving consistent drives. Tracy makes the back swing dead-simple and you’ll get results your very next time out).

Detailed secrets of making the “transition” move, (this truly is the “magic move” in golf. And when you watch Tracy demonstrate how to transition from your back swing to your downswing smoothly without sacrificing power, you’ll be shaking your head in amazement. Finally, you’ll have a swing you can repeat like clockwork every time you play, adding incredible torque and power to your clubhead on the downswing).

How to bring your “range” game the course every time (mental golf secrets to bringing your best swing to the tee, the fairway, and the green)

How to tee off with total confidence and power (you’ll be like the calm before the storm, focused and clear and ready to lay it down at a moments notice. Even off the 1st tee with all your buddies watching!)

And, this DVD set also includes secrets such as…

Mental golf techniques to eliminate the shakes, the yips and any other distracting thoughts from your game… permanently!

Practice drills and routines you can do anywhere, anytime to gain confidence and distance off the tee, (Tracy even shows you a simple practice technique that helps you get better while you sleep)

How to instantly recover from a bad shot and stay “in the zone” all the way to the money (while your friends or competition are falling apart after a bad tee shot, you’ll be picking them off one by one with your deadly focus and massive drives)

The simple back swing“destroyer” you MUST avoid if you ever want to consistently add an accurate 50 yards to your drive…

How to “shape shots” through simple weight distribution. (If you find yourself in the long grass more often than you’d like, here’s how you can easily control slices, draws and hooks for perfect green placement.)

Where your elbows must ALWAYS point—and why elbow placement failure guarantee inconsistent drives and how to quickly correct this swing flaw!

The biggest “hip” myths and mistakes almost all golfers make are “busted” and put to rest once and for all (Tracy shows you in detail how to eliminate the biggest “power leaks” during your downswing, giving you maximum velocity at impact.

Where your weight must be during the back swing – and how to dial in your balance for pinpoint accuracy.

How to quickly put an end to your slice -forever

and so much more it would take me a week to write it all down!

Short game, long irons, driving…

Every part of your game is improved when you have
a relaxed, natural swing

The DVD’s are broken down into chapters so you can focus in on the specific areas you want to work on and easily fine tune the subtle moves that add accurate distance to your drives.

When Tracy and I sat down to figure it out, we realized you’d have to take about 12 personal lessons with Tracy to adequately cover the material on these videos.

But that’s not all. In addition to these two full length DVD’s…

You Also get the Tracy’s Legendary “Golf Swing
Control” Manual

This is the same manual that’s sold thousands of copies around the world for $147 on its own (just for the downloadable eBook).

This is the manual responsible for so much dramatic, rapid improvements to the golf swing that it was downloaded, printed out and passed on in hushed whisper at the 19th hole following a dismal round.

This manual has literally been responsible for golfers weeping tears of joy that their game has been returned to them.

The Golf Swing Control manual is over 200 pages of pure “get better FAST” golf instruction. It’s all based on Tracy’s 20+ years of focused research into the link between the mind and the body in golf.

Tracy covers every aspect of the game, from the swing, to short game strategies, putting, practice, and more. With plenty of photos and step by step descriptions to make it easy to fix whatever aspect of your game is causing you grief.

Tracy spent 3 years interviewing more than 5000 golfers from around the world, writing answers to their most pressing questions. The result is one of the most potent, easy to follow golf instruction manuals ever created.

But you get even more fascinating golf instruction…

I wanted this to truly be the “ultimate” golf system. So I forced Tracy to explain — in step-by-step detail — the secret of transferring maximum power through the clubhead and to the ball.

The result is an audio recording about the…

Secrets of the “Transition” Move

If you’ve ever found yourself at the top of your swing, uncertain of how to release the power in a smooth, accurate move — if you find yourself having “swing thoughts” that rob you of consistency — or if you’re not sure what should really happen with the hips at this critical moment to guarantee maximum distance — you’re in for a treat.

Recently Tracy spilled the beans on how any golfer can master this “secret” move for Pro-Level consistency

He and I talked on the phone for an hour and I grilled him and literally forced him to take me step by step through this transition.

It’s the best explanation of this move I’ve ever heard (and other’s who have heard this interview agree).

You get the full 1 hour audio recording of this conversation, PLUS a complete written transcript you can print out and review at your convenience.

For a golfer, this audio recording and transcript is like finding a lost treasure map, with a big bold X marking the spot where the gold is hidden.

And the good news is you don’t have to cross stormy seas or wrestle alligators to get the rewards. Instead…

You simply stand up, put a club in your hand and instantly feel what it’s like to coil and release raw power when you make the transition the way Tracy describes it.

We packed so much valuable content into this system I could write 50 pages describing all the ways your game is going to improve from absorbing these lessons.

But instead of trying to tell you about them, I’m going to make it so easy for you to get them in your hands, you can experience it all for yourself. That’s why…

We’re giving you a full year to decide.

Tracy and I talked it over in great detail, and we both agreed that if we were in your shoes, we’d like a full season to try these techniques out and really put them to the test.

There’s a lot of hype out there, everyone on the golf channel is claiming to have you driving like Nicklaus in 15 minutes.

Sure, you want a better game, but who can you trust?

So let me state this in the strongest terms possible:

We know from experience that when you apply what you learn on these videos, your game will improve fast.

Drives will become longer and straighter.

You’ll feel more power released into the ball, you’ll be picking your landing zones on the fairway with laser precision, and instead of taking 4 holes to recover from a bad shot, you’ll be back with “Tiger like” focus in minutes.

The game you’ve always dreamed about
will suddenly be in your hands

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What are the reasons why people are not financially free

Very few people will admit it, but the majority of us aspire to be financially free. Everyone wants to improve their living conditions. Everyone wants to succeed and no money worries.

And yet there is a good chance that you will never be rich in your life. What do you think about that? 95% of us will never TranscribeMe reviews at be rich and there is a simple reason for that and I will explain this in this article.

The difference between rich and poor

In your opinion, why the rich earn so much money? Why rich people achieve higher incomes and they grow 4 times faster?

According to me it is Just because they have sought to become rich. They took action and did everything to become financially free. It is a question of will, discipline and motivation.

Persevere and you will succeed

Whether you are rich or poor it doesn’t matter, we are similar, we are all human beings. So, the problem is not about what we are, flesh and bones. So what make the difference? What is the difference between the rich and the poor?

The only difference among the rich and the poor is that the rich person has the means (not material) to succeed and make fortune. The rich people take more risks, they came out of their comfort zone, they learn throughout their life, they take action. Read this article, what is the one quality that all successful people have in common.

If you act like most people do then you will never be financially free. If today, tomorrow, within 1 week, 1 month or 10 years … you do what you have always done then you will be in the same situation, no change. That is to say … YOU WILL NEVER GET OUT OF THE RAT RACE!

So here’s what you can do right now

Take a sheet of paper and answer to these questions: do you do what it takes to succeed and make fortune? Are you ready to take risks to change your life?

Your financial freedom will not fall from nothing.

To be financially free you have to be patient, it is a long term process. It does not come from nowhere in 2-3 moves.

You must have a long term vision and you must create a wealth plan.

Entrepreneurs who make fortunes have great quality in general and they give themselves the means (not material) and time to become rich. It’s not by accident and it’s not because they are lucky. They do what they believed and what’s necessary to make money and they succeed! Failure is part their success, they know it and they embrace it.

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Thomas Edison is the dazzling example. 1001 failures before success. In his younger years, Edison’s teachers said he was too stupid to learn anything. His debut in the working world were the least healthywage com – Stealth Secrets chaotic since Thomas Edison was fired from his first two jobs for not being productive enough. He tried concepts of bulbs 1001 times and believe that the next one will be the right one.

How long do you think it takes to become a millionaire?

According to Business Insider, the average self-made millionaire took about a minimum of 32 years to achieve that goal. In fact, for 52 % of them, achieve it in 38 years, 21% of them in 42 years and 4% achieve it in 27 years.

Think about that and give yourself the means to achieve your goals.  Ask yourself, what do you need right now to double your income in one or two years. Do you need more education, more opportunities, more courage, what? I think that if you have determination, discipline and motivation you can achieve whatever you desire.

Let me ask you a question, why there are few rich people and a lot of poor people?

Wallace D. Wattles said, “You can serve God and man in no more effective way than by getting rich; that is, if you get rich by the creative method and not by the competitive one.” I think, its because rich people have understood that to make money, you have to do what it takes to make a difference.

Three things to do and you will be financially free

Let me explain. This is a little plan that you can put into practice. Begin by doing little things and don’t be overwhelmed if you meet obstacle. What would you like to be in ten years from now? And if you decide to change something in your life right now, what it would be?

1. Plan your successful future

To succeed in life you have to set goals and make plans. Make short-term goals but also long-term.

Your plan should be structured and should allow you to clearly distinguish the processes you have put in place to achieve your goals.

If your ultimate goal is to become rich then you have to plan every step in the short term (for example, buy an apartment in order to sell it later and to make a profit in the process, start a business, pay yourself first … ) to reach your long term goal. Read this article, 5 keys to create your success to learn how to do it.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

You have to have always your objectives in mind, this will push you TO ACT!

Ask yourself this question: What do I want and what can I do to get it?

Find your life purpose. So basically, where you want to see yourself in ten years and what will be your net worth?

Take your time but you have to answer this question PRECISELY and write down your answers on a sheet of paper. This is one factor that will determine your success.

2. Learn from those who have succeeded

Tony Robbins said, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” The best way to make fortune is to turn to those who have become rich before you. It sounds obvious isn’t it? And yet the majority of those who aspire to become rich DO NOT make that step.

So here’s some tips

Read 1 or 2 books per week in connection with money, personal development and anything that will allow you to succeed in life and to become rich. Personally, i like reading, specially the NEW THOUGHTS MOVEMENT authors, like Wallace Wattle, Ralph Waldo Trine, James Allen, U.S. Andersen, Joseph Murphy and many more. And i cannot tell how those books have change my life for ever. I remember i got to know these authors in 2008 and in no time i had a mindset shift and my life is transformed for ever. During all my younger life I thought that, as i was born in a poor family, i will stay poor and miserable for ever. Try some books, i assure you that’s a good way to find the energy to change your mindset.

Another way to educate yourself is buying or follow tutorials on the internet and train yourself on how to have multiple incomes and learn the different ways to make money. Be faithful and diligent on what you are doing. Because when this become a HABIT, nothing can stop you. Rather, you will feel uncomfortable when you are not following your plan.

Watch videos on Youtube. There are tons of videos and tutorials available on any specific subjects.

Hear podcasts related to your goal.

Watch or meet people who have made fortune and make use of their life experience by “copying” what you should explored and put in place to become rich.

By doing this consistently, you will stimulate your mind and you will have gain YOUR GREATEST ALLY. Your mind will be always sharp and alert and you’ll always get lots of ideas to achieve your goal and become the person you desire.

Investing in yourself is the best way if you want to be financially free. Make yourself valuable. Everything that you learn is your assets and nobody can take that away from you.  You can lose all your money, all your fortune but you cannot lose what you learned. This is your best return on investment (ROI) that you have.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.

Don’t let negative thoughts swarming into your mind. Be aware of what you are doing and immediately tackle all your negative thoughts as they arrive. Never underestimate your capability, if you think you are not qualified enough on a domain, go and make your education. Do not let any obstacle stop you.

The world is constantly changing and everything you learn will allow you to have an edge over others. This is why the rich people are successful, they know and they do things that others don’t know and do. And even if they lose for a while, they know that the time for success will come soon or later. Once you know the process, you begin to master all the steps to set up to make money, then you have a good chance to become financially free.

3. Implement what you learn

I will summarize this step by one sentence; Take action and you will never regret having set up all you have learned.

The future depends on what you do today.

I will use this saying of the real-estate arena. The number one rule is location, location, location.

Here, the rule you have to have in mind for ever is ACTION, ACTION, ACTION by using whatever works for you in order to succeed.

This is THE most important step and yet few people actually take action. Stick to your plan. Do not miss the opportunity to make your dreams come true and head straight for the finish.

TAKE ACTION, take risks, fail, re-try, fail, stick again and again and I assure you that you will succeed. THIS IS MY PROMISE!

Never give up until you have tried everything. Success is a process that is fully realized in the long term. So start today to take charge of your life.

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

6 ways to limit their liability when you sell your business

When I met a man who was in the early years of retirement. He had successfully sold his company and was moved to a “friendlier pace”, as defined. Their only concern was: still had three years of late payments for sale and that it was not good; and he felt bad that a company that had worked so hard to build now part.

About a year after that I saw him again. He looked tired and nervous. It seems that the company did even more poorly and problems related to the company had telescope. Not only do not get paid the balance of your money from the sale, but several creditors of the company had warned that they would look for him to pay certain lease and loan obligations.

I asked him what had happened, and he told me a story I will never forget. He said his buyout of the company due to a difference to your partner about the company’s finances and future direction. They could not reach an agreement to plead their purchase agreement. Unfortunately, the original company lawyer is not specified in this Agreement for “I’m tired of you, and I want out!” stock valuation and repurchase.

They decided that it would be reasonable for a couple to name a price, and the other to either pay or accept (this is often called “Russian Roulette” option). In addition, they decided on an outlay of several years with an initial distribution lump sum. the deal closed and the seller took his money and left. When the lump sum was paid, but the company most of his stole cash and the downward spiral began.

As part of the sale, purchase partner agreed to indemnify the seller from any claims against the purchase price. They arranged for all taxes and other bills were paid and parted amicably. Unfortunately, they overlooked certain loans and leases for those who had personally guaranteed repayment. If the seller of the loans and leases made him vulnerable when the company reaches the point where he could not pay will not be removed. And because the company was unable to meet its obligations, the buyer compensation offered little protection. What he did was to allow the seller to sue the company to recover attorneys’ fees and other expenses, which offers little comfort.

It was a very short retirement time.

While this example of corporate horror is fictional, each problem that arose was taken from a real example. And while the example has two equal partners in a corporate environment, you may experience the same problems on sales between independent parties, family transitions and expected retirements. The challenge for each vendor is to ensure that you actually get out and to protect against any residual contingencies after the sale as best you can.

Protection comes from:

1. Ensure that all commercial documents and agreements dealing with unexpected will face, they are regularly updated;

2. The security for a comprehensive agreement purchase and any insurance coverage offered is in place and current;

3. Control of all financial liabilities loans, leasing and others to ensure that your name has not been removed as guarantor of the maturity of the obligation and not on new commitments (a common practice in some financial institutions) and that provisions are made for to have sufficient funds to make payments through the term of the liability in case of unforeseen;

4. The classification of the person / company that buys their interest to ensure that financial resources claimed to ensure long-term success, or at least indicate the probable survival;

5. Justify everything in writing; and,

6. Make sure that no periodic financial reports while still owes more than $ 1.00 from the sale, which by default can be invoked before a bankruptcy and that there are sufficient teeth in any predetermined arrangement to give it a chance to fight to restore the company to health if they are to re-possess.

Ultimately, there is no 100% guarantee against loss if a company sells fail before payments to suppliers. Taking precautions and properly documented agreements along the way, however, for both good business decisions and fewer headaches if problems arise.